Applications for that Liquid-Gas Coalescers

Separator as well as Coalescer elements is designed for making an ultimate use for the removal of liquid present in gasoline, aviation fuel, diesel, as well as in kerosene. Do you know that Liquid-Gas-Coalescers are formed with a combo pleated layers which are made of fiberglass media. Best quality Separator filters and Coalescer filters are available with excellent flow rates. The application differs, but the efficiencies will range from .5 to .25 micron. There are multiple uses of Liquid-Gas-Coalescers and we are going to share the same with you.

Liquid-Gas Coalescers are used in:

For Natural Gas

1. For Protecting Screw & for Reciprocating Compressors
2. For Recovering Lube Oil After the process of Screw Compressors is over
3. For Reciprocating the Compressors Lube Oil Discharge
4. For Coal Bed Methane
5. For Protection of the Sweetening & Dehydration options
6. For giving Protection to Catalysts
7. For making Removal of water, Oil and Condensate
8. For making Removal of the Particulate and Aerosols

For Fuel Gas

1. For giving Protection to Gas Turbines and Engines
2. For Protecting Burners of the Steam Generators

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