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Pellicle Series Needle Felt Filter bag

Needled felt is the most common media used in economic disposable bag filters. Its fibres are locked together when they pass through beds of special barbed needles, entangling them into a strong matrix. The down stream side is signed using a special heat process to eliminate fiber migration. This rugged media is ideal for fabrication by both sewing and welding.Available in a wide range of materials, needled feits can be used in a vast range of liquids and gases of low to medium viscosity. They can be applied to remove hard partcles or, in some cases, soft partcles and jels. Kfilter offers needled felts in PO, PE, PA and PTFE in the full range of bag sizes.


Needling and heat singeing lock fibres into the media.
Available in full welded construction to eliminate bypass.
Effective on both low and medium viscosity liquids.
Removes soft and hard particles even at high flow rates.
Seal options include both plastic rings and economical stainless steel.
Approved FDA material(polypropylene and polyester)
1-200 micron range,nominal rating.
Single layer depth media composites.
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