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Brain Series AS HEPA Filter

High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (HEPA) and Ultra low Penetration Air Filter (ULPA) are the most efficient air filters commercially available. The have a broad application in clean room and other areas requiring the highest level of contamination control.
Brain Series AS HEPA Filter
Brain Series AS HEPA Filter
Frame: Galvanized mild steel, Aluminum or Stainless steel
Media: Micro glass paper
Separator: Aluminuim foil
Sealing Compound: Tow component polyurethane
Sealant: Silico, EPDM and Pu foam
Filter class :H13,H14, EN1800-2009
Flange: Single,double or without
Mpps Efficiency:H14:>99.995%
Max. Operating Temperature; up to 75¨¬C,120¨¬C,
Max. Final Pressure Drop; 600Pa
High dust holding capacity
Guaranteed leak-free
Available in all grades
Heat resistant filter media.
Low pressure drop, less energy consumption
Note: HEPA and ULPA filters are tested and certified individually according to EN1822 with the advanced technology. We would recommend the higher grades of pre - filters to increase the service life of the ceiling filters.
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