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Design and Manufacture filtration product @ Qatar Heavy duty & light duty, Washable & Reusable filter Custom engineered filter & Filter housing



The filtration system is the heart of a cleanroom. The filters are designed to filter the particulates in the airdown to sub-micron sizes. The “standard high efficiency particulate air” (HEPA) filter will filter the air down to 0.3 microns (0.00001 inch; 1 micrometer = 10−6 metre) at an efficiency or 99.975%. The “ultra low particulate air (ULPA) filter” will filter the air down to 0.12 microns at an efficiency of 99.999%.
BRAIN SERIES Ceiling Filter
Housing Material Flange plate: Stee
Filter Class: H13 - H14 - U15
Media: Super fine Glass fiber
Sealing Compound: Two component polyurethane
Separators: Hot melt
Frame type: Anodized, extruded aluminum
Flammability Class: K2/F2 for normal Temp
Faceguard: Aluminum sheet (powder coated)
Max. Final Pressure Drop: 600 Pa
Gasket: EPDM flat, EPDM flat continous and PU foam
Max. Operating Temperature: 75°C
Low pressure drop,
less energy consumption Guaranteed
leak-free Available in all grades
Various frame sizes with any dimensions.
Microbiology, chemistry, laboratories Hospital and hospital operating theatres Industrial processes like microelectronics, Pharm, Food industry, Laminar flow boxes, Nuclear research...
Note: HEPA and ULPA filters are tested and certified individually according to EN1822 with the advanced technology. We would recommend the higher grades of pre - filters to increase the service life of the ceiling filters.
K Filter