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Brain V Bank Series Hepa Filter

BRAIN V BANK SERIES HEPA pocket filters are used in all those applications where a taint control is required. The stiff HEPA is made of glass microfiber paper, water-proof,closely folded and separated by hot-melt thermal-plastic spacers. The filter media are arranged in a V shape in a perfectly tight polystyrene holding frame. All the filters have high filtration efficiency rates, limited depth, high dust holding capacity and robust construction.


Type:Compact Polyhedral Rigid Bag Filter
Frame:Plastic (Polypropylene)
Filtering Element: Super fiberglass paper
Separators:Thermoplastic glue beads
MPPS Efficiency E%:85% and 99.95%
Class EN 1822:95% and 99.99%
Pressure Loss:E10 and H13 Recommended Final
Temperature:80ºC continuous service
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