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CERAIN Series Absolute Accuracy bag filters

Kfilter CERAIN Series absolute accuracy bag filters are molded signature specialities from 100% pure polypropylene microfibers, eliminating additives which can taint filtrate. The exceptionally fine fibers structure produces high filtration efficiency and enormous cntact area with the filtration. By nature, Polypropylene is hydrophobic and Oleophilic, meaning the fibre surfaces attracts oil but repel water.
CERAIN Series Absolute Accuracy bag filters

Product Features

Made by 100% pure polypropylene.
Multiple layer depth composites matrix.
0.5~ 5 micron range. 99% absolute rating.
High oil absorbent capabilites. Capable of absorbing and retaining trace oil upto twenty-five times of APMs.
Patented TECH POLY and pressure seal rings, Steel snap-fit rings
Wide range chemical compatibilities.
K Filter