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Design and Manufacture filtration product @ Qatar Heavy duty & light duty, Washable & Reusable filter Custom engineered filter & Filter housing


Commercial Electrostatic Precipitator

There are huge amounts of visible smoke and invisible odors produces by the cooking process. Kfilterelectrostatic precipitator (ESP) is used for removal of visible pollution (cooking smoke) and, if necessary, Odor Control Unit is used for removal of remaining odor.

Product Features

Auto-cleaning device
8-10 years lifecycle service
Odor Control Options
Exhaust Fan Options
Commercial Electrostatic Precipitator


Oil mist disposal above 95%
Dust particle disposal above 97%


Restaurants, cafeterias ,cafes, bars, etc. F&B (Food and Beverage) sector in hotels, resorts, casinos Food courts/ dining areas in shopping malls, parks, marketplaces, office complexes, airports, railway station, bus depots, schools, universities, hospitals, corporate and institutional premises, etc. Food processing (especially for fried food processing)



Patented cylinder honeycomb filter cell, efficiently maximizing the Filtration and recovery efficiency of industrial hazardous oil mist produced in factories of leather, rubber, plastic, textile, and metal treatment industries. Patented draw-out style fire-proof valve ensures the absolute fire safety of the Electrostatic Industrial Exhaust Gas Purifier for Dyeing and Finishing in emergency.

Modular design ensures easy assembling of the Electrostatic Industrial Exhaust Gas Purifier for Dyeing and Finishing for total operation and easy Filtration of major components for maintenance and cleaning.

PLC controlled multi-choice operational modes, sophisticated system of self-diagnosis of malfunction

K Filter