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What Is Grease Trap & Uses of Grease Trap

Grease Trap may be a plumbing device designed to catch most oils and solids before they enter a waste water disposal framework. Common waste matter contains tiny amounts of oils that enter into septic tanks and treatment facilities to make a floating scum layer. The utilization of Grease Trap is when the kitchen water goes through it, the oil and grease are rises on the surface and treed in baffles, the grease and oil fills are treed and also the clean water is displaced.

Oily waste water discharge into municipal pipeline before treatment from "DITCH OIL" which cause much influence to drainage equipment and municipal sewage treatment plant, Such equipment will make oily waste water in the action of gravity with the help of oil water proportion difference, adopting nature floting to seperate and remove floating oil and part of thin disperse oil but unique devie the inner structure of oil water seperator without power, according to shallow pond sediment theory, apply different flow separation principal and turbulant and variabile laminar flow of dialectical relationship, make the waste water reduce flow rate, flow down, oil droplets floting whenflow by oil water seperator.

Oil Trap


Non-powred seperation and remove technology.
Energy efficiency and cost saving.
Innovative design.
Automation operation.
Small installation place required.
Easy maintenence.
Made by stainless steel and PVC.
Various size, suit for Under/above ground assemble.
Cost saving water treatment.
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