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KJA Series HIGH FLOW Filter Cartridges

Kfilter Jumbo Absolute Efficiency series Filter is a large diametered, single opened, ended pleated cartridge with flow from inside to outside. The high flow pleated cartridge ensures high loading capacity for longer life, lower cost and stability to the flow rate. Risk of bypass is minimizing resulting in high quality of filtration. The cartridge can be easily removed or installed. This reduces the cost while ensuring the operator s safety.
KJA Series HIGH FLOW Filter Cartridges

Product Features

100% Polypropylene construction with Depth pleated structure
Combination of multiple media
High dirt holding capacity
Absolute micron rating
Wide range of chemical solution filtration
Absolute (βratio 5,000) Retention Rating from 1 to 40 μm
Greater filtration surface area per cartridge, longer service life, significantly reduces the waste disposal for incinerator
Environment friendly
K Filter