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Design and Manufacture filtration product @ Qatar Heavy duty & light duty, Washable & Reusable filter Custom engineered filter & Filter housing


KWHF-70 High Flow Filter Cartridges

Our KWHF-70 High Flow filter catridge is designed for absolute removal of suspended Iron Oxide, Copper and other particulate without powdered resin pre- coating or other filter acids, KWHF-70 High Flow Wound filter catridge system choice for critical power plant is the first condensate application within excess of 98% particle removal efficiency.
KWHF-70 High Flow Filter Cartridges

Product Features

Absolute rated micron
Upto 70” high flow design
Inside treated connector
Less time to charge-out
Back wash design & long service life
All PP construction
Easy to startup and clean
Strong Absorbability
High mechanical strength
No pressure drop
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