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Imbibing Series Oil Absorbent Spill Boom

Oil Absorbent Spill Booms are the perfect containment product for any land or water based spill. Designed with a flexible exterior, these booms can be placed to completely surround spills and stop the spread of liquids in your location. Booms can be implemented in any terrain and feature robust metal clip to join multiple sections of boom together.

Tough putter mesh resists snags and debris while remaining pliable. They will float indefinitely when deployed on marinas, docklands, rivers or lakes or any area of water.

Procedure of Oil Absorbent Spill

These oil absorbents spills are capable of absorbing oil-based fluids. it's manufactured from one layer of hydrophobic oil solely plastic with a stacked weave style to extend area and build it simpler in absorbing tiny oil spills. These pads and rolls are bright white in color, creating it simple to check if they're already absolutely saturated with oil. These pads are often utilized in land and water oil spillages.
IMBIBING Series oil absorbent BOOM


Nontoxic, odorless, environment friendly
Small resistance, high efficiency
Special structure with long service life
The appearance be colored uniformly, can be distinguished easily
Oil only ( for petroleum-based liquid)
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