Portable Mobile Filter Cart

Product information
KYJ series portable mobile filter cart is a new generation oil purificationequipment developed by our company. This machine is easy to operate andreliable to use. It is used for various hydraulic system, lubrication system, cooling system, ststic pressure system media (a variety of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, cooling liquid, filtration, purification, can also be used for refueling or cleaning of low pressure line system.
Hydraulic Oil, Compressor Oil, Quench Oil, EDM Oil, Lubricating Oil, Insulation Oil,Turbine Oil, Gear Oil, Water Glycol Fluids, Water Based Coolants

Use and Maintenance

Avoiding the possible counter rotation of the oil pumpwhile starting the machine, otherwise it may lead to the out blownof the axle seal and entering of air.
Air might be introduced into the machine during the operation and will affect the oil flow rate. To ensure the rated flowand normal operation of the fine filter element,the discharge valve should be opened in time to releasethe air until oil can be seen at the outlet of the discharge valve, then close the valve closed.
After a certain period of operation, coarse filter element could be gradually contaminated and noise ofpump might occur, you should stop the machine inorder to clean the filter element.
Dirt might block the fine filter element, causing a rise of the pressure in the filter bowl. When the pressure reaches 0.35mpa, the elements should be the charged in time.
The suction and oil outlet tube should always keep clean.
If the pushcart filter canʼt supply the oil, please check:
(a) Whether the rotating direction of the pump is right;
(b) Whwther the sealings between the tank and oil inlet are proper;
the oil inlet is above the oil surface or oil runs out;
(c) If the elements of rough filter are stuck.


Improves productivity and machine reliability.
Prevents breakdowns to the hydraulic equipmentʼs.
Longer life of all hydraulic components, pumps, servo-valves and other equipment.
Saves significantly on oil consumption by extending oil life, up to 40.000 hrs. or 10 years.
Very important reduction of the oil consumption cost and the resulting waste oil expenses.
Discharges the very expensive full flow filters and extends their life (50% - 80% cost saving!).
Significant reduction of maintenance expenditures.

Technical data


Overall Dimension


Environmental protection:

Triple R filters effectively clean the oil (down to NAS 6 or ISO 15/12) and stabilize the oil condition.
That results in a significant increase of oil life and a significant reduction of oil consumption and oil disposal cost.
Practice has proven that 40.000 hours of operation, or oil usage for up to 10 years can be achieved while maintaining all the oil properties.
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