Prepressing Breather Filter Series

Product information
Various performance standards have reached the technology requestments of similar foreign product; connection size is consistant with foreign filter, can be changed and replaced.
Product Characteristics
The product has small volume, reasonable structure, beautiful and fashionable apperance design, stable filtering performance, minimal pressure drop, convenient installation etc. Characteristics, outer and lower cover is assemlled by pressing.
  • Filter head material
    Outer cover: High strength carbon steel. Lower cover: High strength cast aluminium alloy
  • Filter mesh material
    Top cover: High strength cast aluminium alloy. Skelton is made of high strength carbon steel. Filter media is made of high strength stainless steel wire
  • Seals Porbunan (=NBR)
  • Type of connection (Chosen according to the breather filter type).
Prepressing Breather Filter
Prepressing Breather Filter

Technical data

Prepressing Breather Filter

Mounting Size

Prepressing Mounting Size

Type selection and Technical data

Prepressing Technical data
K Filter