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Design and Manufacture filtration product @ Qatar Heavy duty & light duty, Washable & Reusable filter Custom engineered filter & Filter housing


Protracted Series Filter Bag

Needled felts have long been the media of choice for tough industrial applications. Ettended life felts offer depth filtration with high dirt capacity and efficiency. An optimized fiber mix and depth construction immobilizes contamininants to prevent blinding off surface area. The result is 2-5 times the services life in many difficult applications. Owing to their optimized depth construction,LP felts are ideal to handle tricky contaminants such as gels or emulsions. They can be captured within the media and prevented from extrusion or migration under differential pressure loading.
Protracted Series Filter Bag

Product Features


Main Applications

Oil and Gas
Water treatment
Fine Chemical
Food and Beverage
Power generation
Paints and Resin
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