VK Medi Air Purifier

The VK Medi range of air purifiers plus sterilizers are the best in the world. Utilizing the world’s thickest HEPA filter for ultra-fine dust removal, the most powerful turbo fan found in any air purification device for optimum air flow and the unparalleled patented VK reactor chamber for ultimate sterilization

When only the best results are good enough The three main components to perfect within an air purifier + sterilizer are the ultra-fine particle collection, maximum air flow and optimum sterilisation. We created the VK Medi range with those three factors in mind and we are proud to say that we have industry leading results with all three factors. The combination makes the VK Medi range the very best solution on the market and is suitable for many market sectors. The VK Medi will cover up to 100 square meters and although it has a powerful turbo fan, the noise level is very low as we have applied noise cancelling technology. The VK Medi range has multiple sensors and monitors dust, germs, VOC’s, temperature and humidity. The unit displays indoor air quality and allows for automatic settings at desired levels as well as iOT applications for remote monitoring and data collection. The VK Medi is plug and play operation with no special installation requirements.

K Filter